AWS 2020 Seminar Rules

  • Please arrive at the summit venue at least 15 minutes before the start of the seminar and be seated in Seiza position in proper order 5 minutes before the start of the seminar. If you are late for the seminar please sit in Seiza at the back of the venue until you are given permission to join in
  • Members who did not register for the seminar will not be allowed to enter the seminar venue
  • Please keep your footwear in an orderly manner at the shoe racks provided or at a suitable place
  • Kindly ensure that an appropriate and clean Dogi is worn for the seminar
  • During the seminar please devote your attention to the instructor of the class and follow the instructions given by him/her
  • Please observe and maintain etiquette at all times
  • All mobile phones are to be either switched off or kept in silent and/or vibrate mode so as not to disrupt the session(s)
  • Video recording is strictly prohibited during the seminar except by Aikido World Summit 2020 authorized personnel
  • Please keep the seminar venue clean at all times
  • Always maintain safety when training at all times
  • Please be courteous to others
  • Aikido World Summit 2020 organizers have the right to refuse participation /entry to any participant/s and/or any other person/s if the individual/s act in any manner that is, in the opinion of the organizers, disruptive or unbecoming, in any manner during the sessions


I state this for me and on behalf of the participant group that I may enroll for Aikido World Summit 2020. And further, I do take the responsibility of explaining the indemnity clause to all the members before I include them in my group for enrolling, and take their consent for it. I and the participants that I enroll in my group are of sound physical and mental health (as declared by the members I enroll, and as far as I know, believe and have observed)

We individually understand that the practice of martial arts is a physically vigorous and potentially dangerous endeavor where physical injury may occur. While the instructors of Aikido World Summit 2020 will make every effort to make the practice safe, I/we understand that injuries may occur and we take full, personal responsibility for all risks associated with the practice of Aikido at the Summit. I/we release the instructors and fellow members of Aikido World Summit 2020 and its representatives, from responsibility and liability in the event of personal injury to us. I/we agree to abide by the rules and etiquette of Aikido and the Summit. I/we further state that the authorized representatives, agents and/ or organizers of Aikido World Summit 2020 shall not be held responsible for any damage or loss of personal belongings at any time before, during or after the Summit.

Proof of Nationality

  • Nationality once entered cannot be changed
  • The following identification documents will be considered valid: Government Issued identity Proof for all in the group (Passport for Non-Indian nationals; Passport/Aadhar Card/Voter ID /PAN Card for Indian Nationals)
  • While paying fees online, you will need to upload JPEG image (not exceeding 10 MB) of identity proofs FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS, AND carry originals for verification at the venue

Delivery and Shipping policy

Aikido Go Ju Forum is committed to deliver its services for each initiative undertaken. Broadly, the nature of the services is Physical Fitness and Training in Martial arts. The Forum will make sure

  • That the services be imparted to teach the correct form, etiquette, conduct, principles and technique as outlined by the parent organization Aikido Foundation, Japan.
  • The service will be of high quality and will be delivered by authorised and qualified instructors
  • In general, the service will be delivered in Dojos / Environments that are conducive for such practices
  • The Forum will take reasonable care about safety and prevention of injury to participants. However, the nature of service being Martial Arts training and practice, there exists a certain amount of inherent risks of physical injury. Aikido Go Ju Forum will take efforts to apprise participants of the risks, take written acceptance and acknowledgements and indemnify itself against causing injury or harm
  • The service delivery of is presently person to person/s, and face to face in nature
  • Remote (using electronic or digital form) service and delivery may also be considered and thought of in certain situations and for wider reach. With the rapid growth and acceptance of online education in every sphere, the exact modality of remote service and delivery, ensuring correctness, quality and safety may be worked out in the future

Privacy policy

  • All information passed to the ecommerce site will be secured during transportation (through usage of secured socket layer or SSL)
  • Confidential information like Personally identifiable info/ personal contact data will be encrypted if stored in the system database
  • Credit card numbers will never be stored in the system database
  • Clickstream/ navigation info analysis will either not be gathered or if gathered will not result in sharing of personally identifiable data

Refunds and Cancellations

General refund and cancellation of order

  • In general, fee payment will constitute an order
  • In general, fees shall be paid in advance for services to be rendered in future
  • Registering and fee payment will constitute an order by the customer
  • Fees once paid will, in general, not be refunded, unless the service is cancelled by Aikido Go Ju Forum due to unavoidable circumstances
  • In certain exigencies and special situations, the decision of partial or full refund may be considered. But the decision of the management of the Forum will be binding and final on such matters

Refund and cancellation of order for Aikido World Summit 2020

  • Registering and fee payment will constitute an order by the customer
  • Program and Training Fees are non-transferrable
  • Participant and Companion verification at venue is mandatory validated by Government issued documents as detailed in Proof of Nationality policy and Terms & Conditions while paying. Non validation of documents at venue may result in withdrawal of participation rights, without the option of refund of Program and Training Fees
  • Program and Training Fees once paid will NOT BE REFUNDED, neither partially nor fully. No appeal or request for refund shall be entertained for non participation or no show of participants or companions