For the very first time in India, a world level meet of masters, enthusiasts, students and practitioners of the beautiful artistic discipline of Aikido. Tracing the lineage of martial arts originating from India and exploring the path of mythology, religion and cultural practices. A 3-day exhibition of mesmerizing skill, graceful displays, intense trainings and bonding at every level. For those who love Aikido, this is a never-to-miss event.

Meet the luminaries of Aikido

Sensei Mitsuteru Ueshiba - Dojo Cho, Aikikai, Hombu Dojo Japan, has most generously agreed to be present himself representing the Foundation and be the Lead Instructor for the program and seminars in Varanasi. He will be accompanied and supported by Makoto Ito Shihan who will conduct part of the training seminars.

Official representatives of the highest level will attend. Luminaries from all around the world and regional bodies of India will be present. Be in the company of masters and high practitioners.