Aikido Go Ju Forum

Aikido Go Ju Forum is a not for profit organization set up for training, teaching and propagation of the traditional form of self-defense art, Aikido. The Forum has its headquarters in Mumbai, India and conducts regular classes in various Dojos (Training Schools) at different Mumbai locations.

Aikido Go Ju Forum is a registered National body for Aikido in India conducting activities through its various affiliates like Aikido of Mumbai and Varanasi.

Aikido Go Ju Forum conducts seminars and workshops of Aikido, often inviting international masters and teachers to India. It encourages participation of all its member dojos to learn the nuances of the art, expose themselves to techniques, practice with masters and imbibe the spirit and soul of a century old art of self defense and self development.

Members, in their individual capacity and initiative, travel across the country and abroad, attending seminars and workshops to learn more and expose themselves to various practices, schools and forms of the art. The senior instructors and teachers are self designated evangelists of Aikido, and actively travel at their own expenses and initiative to teach and spread the art to various parts of the country. They take part in many charitable initiatives, address social groups and are invited to train and lecture in Government organizations and Corporates about self-defense, discipline and harmony.

Workshops conducted and participated in

  • - One Art Three Senseis
  • - HIT Singapore
  • - The 5th AFAS
  • - IAF Congress
  • - HIT UAE
  • - 20th anniversary Renbukan Dojo Seminar
  • - 1st HIT Mumbai Makoto Ito, Japan
  • - Jose Rodrigues, New Jersey
  • - Ohbiyashi San, Japan
  • - Matt Aitken UAE
  • - Lisa Tomoleoni ,USA

Aikido, the gentle art of self evolution

It is difficult to briefly describe Aikido without the result being an oversimplification of this rich, dynamic martial art. Aikido is a budo, a martial way. At its core is a method of practicing a physical, mental and spiritual self-discipline of non-violent conflict resolution and self defense.

The practice of Aikido is a study of martial principles that lead to an effective system of self-defense. The goal of Aikido technique is not to destroy your opponent but to show proper conduct. Aikido techniques, based on a series of pins and throws, are designed to de-escalate a violent encounter, protecting both you and your opponent from irrevocable harm. It is a sophisticated approach that takes serious study. Of course, you cannot control a violent situation unless you can control yourself. Learning to control one's own actions and motivations is perhaps Aikido's biggest challenge for its practitioners.


  • DB Rai

    6th Dan- Karate- IOGKF Japan
    3rd Dan-Aikido- AIKIKAI Japan

  • MB More

    3rd Dan- Aikido- Aikikai Japan

  • Ajit Kumar Srivastava

    5th Dan-Karate-OKGKS Dominican
    1st Dan- Aikido- Aikikai Japan

Member dojos

  • BKC Dojo (Weekend classes)

    American School of Bombay, Bandra-Kurla Complex, Bandra (E), Mumbai-400098

    Timing : Saturday ( 05:30-07:00PM) and Sunday ( 09:30-11:00AM)

  • Bandra Dojo (Sat & Sun)

    Evolution Fitness & Combat Sports Academy, Sahana Enclave. Dr. Ambedkar Road, Next to Hotel Executive Enclave, Bandra (W), Mumbai-400050

    Timing : 07:30-09:00 AM

  • Vashi Dojo (Sat & Sun)

    Nritya Studio, Vashi Infotech Park Premises Co-op Soc. Ltd., Shop No.3, Next to inorbit Mall, Vashi, Navi Mumbai- 4000703

    Timing : 07:30-09:00 AM

  • Varanasi Dojo (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday)

    Commando Academy of Martial Arts, 2nd floor , ICICI bank building, Nagar Nigam Road ( Near to petrol pump), Sigra, Varanasi

    Timing : 07:00-08:30 PM