Aikido World Summit 2020, Varanasi Fusing the dance of Shiva and the art of Aikido

  • Aikido World Summit 2020 is a prestigious event to be held in Varanasi, India
  • A 3-day event to train with masters, watch demonstrations, meet enthusiasts, enjoy the city
  • Programs :
    • 4 sessions of daily training (included in fees)
    • 1 welcome dinner on 7 Feb 2020, Friday (Optional paid event)
    • 1 Sayonara dinner (Farewell dinner) on 9 Feb, 2020, Sunday (Optional paid event)
  • Registration : Registration is free for all. Training and Event entry ONLY for paid members
  • Participation in training or events: Only for Registered & Paid participants and their companions. Pay individually or as a group.
  • Pay Fees here :
  • A registered member can add more participants (for training and events) and companions (only for events) while Fee Payment
  • Accommodation, Food, Airport/Rail/Bus Transfers by own arrangement (can take help of Event Team, if required)
  • Local tours & sight seeing by own arrangement (can take help of Event Team, if required)

Chief Instructor & Entourage

Sensei Mitsuteru Ueshiba - Dojo Cho, Aikikai, Hombu Dojo Japan, has most generously agreed to be present himself representing the Foundation and be the Lead Instructor for the program and seminars in Varanasi. He will be accompanied and supported by Makoto Ito Shihan who will conduct part of the training seminars.

Official representatives of the highest level will attend. Luminaries from all around the world and regional bodies of India will be present. Be in the company of masters and high practitioners.

Indian Masters

  • DB Rai

    6th Dan- Karate- IOGKF Japan
    3rd Dan-Aikido- AIKIKAI Japan

  • MB More

    3rd Dan- Aikido- Aikikai Japan

  • Ajit Kumar Srivastava

    5th Dan-Karate-OKGKS Dominican
    1st Dan- Aikido- Aikikai Japan